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Testing Data

rigorous scientific testing

Co2 dissipation and air permeability test

The Breathe Easy Baby Breathable Crib Mattress has been subjected to the most rigorous scientific testing currently available. The Co2 dissipation and air permeability test was conducted by a global leader in consumer product safety testing. This testing house is the only one in the world with the capability to conduct such a test.
The air permeability test (ASTM D737) showed that our sleep surfaces are 330 times more air permeable compared to a conventional mattress.

The Co2 dissipation test demonstrated that Co2 dissipated 10 times faster through our breathable crib mattress than a conventional mattress.

The results from the carbon dioxide rebreathing assessment of 6.55% C02-seconds show very low risk compared to a firm mattress and cotton sheet covering of 69.43% C02-seconds.
Given the results of the carbon dioxide evaluation and the expert medical consultation the Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress poses a significantly lower hazard for carbon dioxide rebreathing than the tested firm mattress with a cotton sheet. The Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress demonstrates a significant decrease in carbon dioxide retention compared to the firm crib mattress and presents a significantly lower hazard level than the firm crib mattress.


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