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We loved this mattress and we have even passed it on to 2 other families who have also loved the mattress. Good luck with the newest branch out and my best to the company. This was worth every penny to us and some. The basics of it being safe are just the surface of problem solving but the ease of cleaning was a life changer for a baby with acid reflux.kept very well even after multiple washes. I would highly recommend this mattress to every new parent and will certainly use it with future children!

  • Jessica H

    I believe the Breathe Easy Baby mattress is a fantastic product. I bought the full size and travel size for my first grandchild with an additional mattress for each size. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, washing the mattress is easy, and they have held up well. I kept the travel size at my home and the full size at my daughter’s home. So, they have both seen quite a bit of use. I now have grandbaby #2 using it.
    It gives a new mom and grandma peace of mind! Once the baby could roll over, we felt so much better knowing that the mattress was breathable. Any product that can help minimize Co2 gasses is an amazing safety product. Both my daughter and I are very pleased with the mattress and will recommend and forward information about it to any new moms we know.
    Good luck

  • Therese F.

    Hello! I love the mattress. We used it for our first child and have now handed it down to our second. I love that it’s washable, easy to put on and off. With the breathable design, I have peace of mind. I’m happy that you’ve opened up shop again because I have three pregnant people that I’ve wanted to recommend the mattress to. I’ve forwarded the new website to them now. Thank you!

  • Patricia C.

    Hello! My name is Katie and I purchased a mattress almost 2 1/2 years ago for my son. We absolute love it and it definitely gave me peace of mind since my son was a major tummy baby from the time he was born! We are actually about to have our second and will be using that mattress in the baby’s room. Thank you so much for making this product!!

  • Katie T.

    I bought your mattress back in 2011 and used it for both of my children. I LOVED your invention and shared with many people.

  • Nina W.

    This mattress was purchased back in late 2016 and has been such a life saver for my family. My son and daughter are both stomach sleepers since as early as 4-6 months. My husband and I were very thankful and could rest easy at night knowing the kids would be ok on their stomachs. This mattress is built sturdy and very easy to wash. Thanks,

  • Chelsea t.

    I want to thank you for inventing and selling the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System. Finding and buying your product was a blessing because it gave me peace of mind whenever I put my son to sleep in his crib. Also thank you for providing a smaller size crib as an option because we wanted our son to sleep in our bedroom when he was a baby, and the small crib fit perfectly without taking up too much space.

  • Cassandra S.

    I love your product! Both of my babies prefer to sleep on their bellies. I always place them on their back, but they always roll over. The breathable design of this bed really lets me rest assured that my baby is just fine. I’ve used the same frame and topper for two babies now and haven’t had any problems. Thank you for a wonderful, innovative product and for peace of mind through two babies now

  • Delynn O.