Ease of Use & Superior Breathable Sleep Surface

The primary benefit of the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System is without question its breathability. We are the industry leader in terms of air flow through the sleep surface. There are also many other benefits that our breathable sleep system provides which help to make it the gold standard for…

The story of the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System

There’s a story behind every product that’s ever been invented, here’s the story of the Breathe Easy Baby.… The Beginning It began in the mid 1990’s when a good friend of mine told me that a family member had suffered the loss of a baby due to Sudden Infant Death…

Getting you a new baby ready for bed can feel like preparing for an arctic vacation: cushioned blankets, plush swaddles, layers to make sure their warm. Especially during these cold months! You picture a fragile newborn, and the first instinct is to keep them warm and wrapped in a blankets…

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