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Frequently asked questions

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frequently asked questions

Orders and Products

Customer service can be reached by email at or visit the contact page and fill out the form.
Please go to our Shop page and choose the desired base and sleep surface color. Be sure to order the correct size base as there are two different options: full and mini.
Orders will be shipped in seven to ten business days. Normal shipping times apply. All products ship out via UPS Ground. We will provide a UPS tracking number once the shipping process has begun.
The Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System comes with a ten-year limited warranty. Please visit our warranty page for further details.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress, it can be returned free of charge within the first 90 days from date of purchase. Contact us at to process a re

About the Breathe Easy
Baby Crib Mattress

There are many reasons for choosing our breathable Crib Mattress, but the most important is safety. Our system provides your baby with an uninterrupted source of oxygen. With air permeability 330 times higher than a conventional mattress, it’s like your baby is sleeping on a bed of air. Your little one can breathe easier, and so can you.
We are extremely proud of the fact that all Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattresses are made in the United States. All components are shipped to our assembly facility in Detroit, Michigan, where our products are hand assembled with care. To ensure the highest quality standards, our assemblers undergo a rigorous training progra
Absolutely not. Due to the nature of our design, there is no need for any of the potentially–hazardous fire retardant chemicals typically associated with conventional mattresses.
No. Your Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress comes fully assembled. Just remove the base from the shipping box and place into your baby’s crib. Once the Base has been placed in the crib, attach the Sleep Surface following our User Manual, and your Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress is ready for use.
Your Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress is extremely durable and will support weights in excess of one hundred pounds.
Our Crib Mattress is compliant with the world’s only firmness standard, which was developed by the Australia/New Zealand Department of Health. The design also eliminates pressure points, cradling your little one for a comfortable night of rest.
The surface material and surrounding cording are made to our exact specifications using a highly durable, medical-grade, 100% spun polyester spacer fabric. The mesh material on the underside is made from polyester as well.
Yes, as long as the room is kept at a comfortable temperature. Due to the porous nature of our Sleep Surfaces, your baby’s core body temperature will be determined by the room temperature.
No. Any material placed over top of the Sleep Surface will 1) dramatically reduce air flow, and 2) provide risk of suffocation.
Yes. To fully ensure your little one’s sleep safety, we recommend monitoring devices that clip onto your baby’s diaper or sleepwear.
No. To ensure proper air flow, the area beneath the Sleep Surface must always remain free of any objects.

About the Breathe Easy
Baby Crib Mattress

In this video, Kelly will demonstrate how to use and adjust your Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress. Laundry bags and spare Sleep Surfaces can be purchased directly from our website. If you have any questions about setting up your Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress, please email us at
The Breathe Easy Baby Sleep Surface is made from extremely durable, polyester spacer fabric and can be laundered as often as required. However, minor spills can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth. To launder, wash in warm water, using infant-safe detergent. Dry on medium to low heat settings, or allow to air dry. For more information, refer to Section 3.0 of your User Manual. For best results, we recommend using the Breathe Easy Baby Laundry & Storage Bags, available for purchase on our Accessories page.
After laundering your Sleep Surface, you may find it a bit snug when re-installing. Simply leave the Sleep Surface zipper partially unzipped. You can safely leave it ¼ to 1/3 of the way unzipped. After a few hours of use, the material will relax and can be fully zipped.
Due to its simplicity, the Base of our Crib Mattress is very easy to maintain. Spills that leak through the Sleep Surface can be cleaned from the Base bottom using a clean, damp cloth and/or infant-safe disinfectant.
No need to worry. Your Breathe Easy Baby Crib Mattress simply requires a minor adjustment to the latch tension. Locate the two horizontal set screws on the center of the arm. Use the screwdriver provided with your Crib Mattress to slightly tighten both screws (turning no more than the blade-width of the screwdriver at a time). Refer to Section 1.3 of your User Manual for further information.

What they say

Our Testimonials

We loved this mattress and we have even passed it on to 2 other families who have also loved the mattress. Good luck with the newest branch out and my best to the company. This was worth every penny to us and some. The basics of it being safe are just the surface of problem solving but the ease of cleaning was a life changer for a baby with acid reflux.kept very well even after multiple washes. I would highly recommend this mattress to every new parent and will certainly use it with future children!

  • Jessica H

    I believe the Breathe Easy Baby mattress is a fantastic product. I bought the full size and travel size for my first grandchild with an additional mattress for each size. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, washing the mattress is easy, and they have held up well. I kept the travel size at my home and the full size at my daughter’s home. So, they have both seen quite a bit of use. I now have grandbaby #2 using it.
    It gives a new mom and grandma peace of mind! Once the baby could roll over, we felt so much better knowing that the mattress was breathable. Any product that can help minimize Co2 gasses is an amazing safety product. Both my daughter and I are very pleased with the mattress and will recommend and forward information about it to any new moms we know.
    Good luck

  • Therese F.

    Hello! I love the mattress. We used it for our first child and have now handed it down to our second. I love that it’s washable, easy to put on and off. With the breathable design, I have peace of mind. I’m happy that you’ve opened up shop again because I have three pregnant people that I’ve wanted to recommend the mattress to. I’ve forwarded the new website to them now. Thank you!

  • Patricia C.

    Hello! My name is Katie and I purchased a mattress almost 2 1/2 years ago for my son. We absolute love it and it definitely gave me peace of mind since my son was a major tummy baby from the time he was born! We are actually about to have our second and will be using that mattress in the baby’s room. Thank you so much for making this product!!

  • Katie T.

    I bought your mattress back in 2011 and used it for both of my children. I LOVED your invention and shared with many people.

  • Nina W.

    This mattress was purchased back in late 2016 and has been such a life saver for my family. My son and daughter are both stomach sleepers since as early as 4-6 months. My husband and I were very thankful and could rest easy at night knowing the kids would be ok on their stomachs. This mattress is built sturdy and very easy to wash. Thanks,

  • Chelsea t.

    I want to thank you for inventing and selling the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System. Finding and buying your product was a blessing because it gave me peace of mind whenever I put my son to sleep in his crib. Also thank you for providing a smaller size crib as an option because we wanted our son to sleep in our bedroom when he was a baby, and the small crib fit perfectly without taking up too much space.

  • Cassandra S.

    I love your product! Both of my babies prefer to sleep on their bellies. I always place them on their back, but they always roll over. The breathable design of this bed really lets me rest assured that my baby is just fine. I’ve used the same frame and topper for two babies now and haven’t had any problems. Thank you for a wonderful, innovative product and for peace of mind through two babies now

  • Delynn O.