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breathe easy baby - a cool nights sleep the dangers of over heating

A Cool Night’s Sleep: The Dangers Of Over-Heating

Getting your new baby ready for bed can feel like preparing for an arctic vacation: cushioned blankets, plush swaddles, layers to make sure their warm. Especially during these cold months! You picture a fragile newborn and the first instinct is to keep them warm, wrapped in a blanket or swaddle. How can we ensure that their temperature is perfect for sleep? 

Most parents find out quickly: babies can be little heat conductors, especially while sleeping.

In fact, overheating a newborn is one possible factor of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs). The National Institute of Health found an increase in SIDs during cold months, because parents were cranking up the heat or over bundling their baby with thick pajamas and extra blankets.

Here is what the institute recommends:

  • Put baby to sleep on a firm sleep surface approved for infant use.
  • Keep the room at a temperature comfortable for adults.
  • Don’t use blankets under or above baby.
  • If a blanket must be used, keep it below baby’s chest level and tuck it into the left and right sides of the crib mattress. (This is easy to do ahead of time with the Breathe Easy Baby thanks to its folding arms).

Breathe Easy Baby can improve your peace of mind even more. Our breathable material allows body heat to move away from baby, rather than being trapped beneath like in a conventional mattress. As long as the room is at a comfortable temperature, your little one will be, too.

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