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We’re a small operation and we want to assist as many customers as possible. In order to do so, we do not take phone calls. To get in touch, send an email to – all messages will be responded to within 48 hours, but in most cases, sooner than that. Contact us with your questions and comments about the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System.

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SIDS and Why the Breathe Easy Baby sleep system can help.

You can’t argue with success…or can you? The Back to Sleep campaign of the mid 1990’s was the start of…

Thoughts on Baby Monitoring Devices

I just came across another interesting article in the Parenting section of the NYT that I wanted to share with…

New York Times article on “What Causes SIDS?”

Recently an article appeared in the Parenting section of the New York Times entitled “What Causes SIDS”. I’ve attached the…

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