We are actively seeking affiliates who are interested in helping us promote the safest baby mattress in the world.

How it works?
Affiliates are given special web-links to promote on their channels (social media, websites, blogs, ect). Our program keeps track of the amount of times the links are clicked on and the amount of sales generated from the link. A commission for the sales generated is then issued to the affiliate.

Signing Up
Simply complete the sign up form on this page. Your account will be approved within 24 hours of submission.

Our graduated commission program is based on volume of sales generated through your channels.  New affiliates earn a 3% commission per sale and experienced affiliates earn 5% per sale.

We will provide you all the product information and images you will need to promote us on your site, social media, or blog. Our in-house designers will also create custom images at your request. Affiliates also have the ability to customize web-links for marketing.

More Information
If you’re interested in learning more about our BEB Affiliate program, please email us at or send a message via our contact page.

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