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The Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System was designed and developed in Detroit, Michigan by Industrial Designer Kelly Obriot. Kelly has been designing breathable sleep systems for infants and toddlers for over twenty years and holds several patents related to the passive airflow design.

Kelly first conceived the idea in the mid-1990s while working in the automotive industry. As he prepared for the arrival of his first child, he became aware of the potential dangers associated with conventional mattresses. He wanted to give his children something safer.

Kelly spent over a year researching infant safety before beginning development of his patented passive airflow design. The earliest designs were so successful, he allowed his own three children to try the new technology.

Over the past 10 years, the Breathe Easy Baby design has expanded to tens of thousands of infants, providing peaceful sleep for babies and peace of mind for parents.

The beginning of the Breathe Easy Baby story. Breathe Easy Baby prototype circa 1998
Breathe Easy Baby prototype circa 1998. The beginning of the Breathe Easy Baby story.
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