Breathe Easy Baby - SIDS and Why the Breathe Easy Baby sleep system can help.

SIDS and Why the Breathe Easy Baby sleep system can help.

You can’t argue with success…or can you? The Back to Sleep campaign of the mid 1990’s was the start of the SIDS “Safe Sleep” movement in America. It was a watershed event for the welfare and safety of our nation’s babies.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), the following statement was the basis for launching the “Back to Sleep” campaign.

“Evidence from numerous countries—including New Zealand, Sweden, and the United States—suggests that placing babies on their backs to sleep results in a substantial decline in the SIDS rate compared to placing babies on their stomachs to sleep. Researchers have established the link between stomach sleeping and SIDS by showing that babies who died from SIDS were more likely to be put to sleep on their stomachs compared to babies who lived”.

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In a matter of just a few years the SIDs rate dropped in half as a result of this campaign. It was so incredibly successful in large measure because it enjoyed the broad support among governmental agencies and the medical community at large. With the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) playing a predominant role for its success. Their message was simple, “Back to Sleep”. It helped ensure babies were placed in the safest sleeping position possible, on their backs. This sleeping position saved the lives of tens of thousands of babies since the mid 1990’s.

However, during this same period approximately 70,000 babies have still died from SIDS. And the rate of SIDS has remained relatively flat over these past 20 years.

But we have learned many things about this silent killer of babies since then. The most important of course is that babies should be placed on their backs to sleep. Full stop… The reason for this is simple, uninterrupted airflow.

But the fact remains that a number of babies simply prefer to sleep on their stomachs. There’s really no good way to prevent them from rolling over If they choose to sleep in this position. We’ve also learned that when babies begin to roll onto their tummy’s, especially at an early age, the consequences can be fatal.

As a result of improved death scene investigations over the past 20 years, a vast amount of evidence now exists which suggests an ever-growing number of SIDS cases are in fact caused by positional asphyxiation. Our Breathe Easy Baby sleep system is the logical answer for those babies who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. In event they roll over and sleeping face down, they can breathe through the sleep surface.

In the AAP’s 2016 Updated Recommendations for Safe Sleep Report, they acknowledge that a baby sleeping in the prone position on a breathable sleep surface may be safer, than on a non-breathable surface.

It is our belief that our breathable sleep systems can, under certain conditions, mean the difference between life and death for a baby. However, we don’t claim to be a medical device. Our claim is that we provide babies with a safer sleeping environment in much the same way a car seat provides babies with a safer way to travel in cars.

With industry leading, scientifically proven Co2 dissipation rates ten times that of non-breathable sleep surfaces, our results speak for themselves.

If the simple act of placing a baby to sleep on it’s back helped save the lives of tens of thousands of babies over the past 20 years, perhaps the next big reduction in SIDS could be the simple act of placing a baby to sleep on a breathable sleep surface. Given what we now know about the cause of a vast number of SIDS cases, namely positional asphyxiation, shouldn’t we be promoting the benefits of breathable sleep surfaces?

Especially, in light of the fact that the Breathe Easy Baby sleep system, with its air permeable sleep surface, has been scientifically proven to provide babies with a safer sleeping environment.

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