Breathe Easy Baby's Perfect Combination, Ease of Use and Breathable Sleep Surface

Ease of Use & Superior Breathable Sleep Surface

The primary benefit of the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System is without question its breathability. We are the industry leader in terms of air flow through the sleep surface. There are also many other benefits that our breathable sleep system provides which help to make it the gold standard for safe sleep. Among them is Ease of Use. This is a very important aspect of the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System. Our double arm system is made from the high-quality materials and hand assembled to our high standards. The arms are made from high quality steel, the hinges are stainless steel and latches made to last for years of use.

Ease of Use

This double arm system is what allows the sleep surface to be easily serviced for laundering. The sleep surface can be removed simply by lifting in the center of the welting, which helps to keep babies’ fingers and toes from sticking out from in between crib slats. Once the latches have disengaged and both arms are in the upright position, simply unzip the underside of the sleep surface and slide off one side then the other and lift off the arms. To install the sleep surface, begin with the arms in the open or upright position. Make sure the zipper on the underside of the sleep surface is unzipped all the way. Starting at either end place one side of the sleep surface then the other over top of the arms. Next zip up the underside of the sleep surface and close one arm then the other. You will hear an audible click when the arm is locked into the closed position.

In no time removal and installation will take only a matter of seconds.

The fact that the sleep surface can be easily removed for laundering is a premier feature of this design and unique to the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System. Our sleep surfaces are extremely durable and will stand up to laundering as often as necessary to provide your baby with the optimum sanitary sleeping environment. The materials used in our sleep surfaces are all American made and constructed right here in Michigan. The highly porous nature of the medical grade spacer fabric used on our sleep surfaces is designed to our exact specifications to provide your baby with the maximum amount of airflow. Air flow which also helps to stabilize baby’s core body temperature.

Superior Sleep Surface

The cradling effect of the sleep surface helps to reduce pressure points on babies. This is especially important when it comes to baby’s skulls. Our sleep surfaces may help to reduce the number of babies diagnosed with Plagiocephaly. We have come to believe through customer feedback that the cradling effect of our sleep surfaces helps babies to sleep more comfortably, especially those prone to tummy sleeping. We have also heard that babies may sleep for longer periods of time as well. Which is always welcomed by mommy and daddy.

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