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What does Breathability mean?

Do you know what Breathability means?

Breathable crib mattresses and related sleep products have been in the market place for over 10 years. Yet, there is still no “breathability” standard. This lack of standardization has allowed manufacturers to make whatever claims they want regarding breathability. Consumers should keep this in mind when purchasing their baby’s bedding products.

We at Breathe Easy Baby are committed to making your baby’s sleeping environment as safe as possible. Babies spend up to 90% of the first years of their life in their cribs. A crib mattress may be the most important purchase you’ll make when it comes to your baby’s safety.

The Breathe Easy Baby Breathable Sleep System is the only crib mattress in the world that has the scientifically been proven to reduce the rebreathing of potentially harmful amounts Co2 gasses. Scientific testing has proven that Co2 gases dissipate at a rate 10 times faster than a conventional filled mattress. It was our design that the American Academy of Pediatrics were referring to in their 2016 Safe Sleeping Environment Policy Statement which stated the following;

“Certain crib mattresses have been designed with air permeable materials to reduce the rebreathing of expired gases, in the event that an infant ends up in the prone position during sleep, and these may be preferable to those with air impermeable materials”

The significance of this statement cannot be overstated.

Additional testing has proven that the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System is 330 times more breathable than a conventional filled mattress.

Based on all current scientific study the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep system is the “gold standard” for safe sleep.

Industry leading breathability combined with ease of use makes the Breathe Easy Baby without question the best investment you’ll ever make for your baby. Like our motto says” Peaceful sleep for baby. Peace of mind for you”

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