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Free Range Babies

One of the most frequently asked questions by parents to their pediatrician is “What do I do now that my baby has started rolling over from their back to their tummy?” The one answer that nearly all pediatricians agree upon is… there’s no easy answer.

Many parents are told to monitor there babies body position throughout the night. Baby video monitors enable parents to keep an eye on their baby remotely which does provide some measure of solace. Those parents who do not have the luxury of such devices are left to having to physically get up and to go check on their baby throughout the night. Still other parents are simply told “not to worry about it, that if your baby is strong enough to roll over onto their stomach that they are out of danger of asphyxiation and or suffocation”. Statistically speaking this is not entirely true. There’s plenty of data that clearly demonstrates there’s a higher fatality rate among those infants who are “inexperienced tummy sleepers”.

Furthermore, this recommendation has led to a substantial increase in the ranks of sleep deprived parents. Which for obvious reasons is never a good thing. Parents are also encouraged by their pediatricians to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that they give their baby ample “tummy time” each day to ensure upper body muscle development which is imperative for baby’s speech. They further recommend that to ensure your babies safety that “tummy time” should be supervised.

Babies therefore tend to spend a significant amount of time on their backs. Not only is this contributing to latent speech development but has resulted in a significant increase in infant plagiocephaly, otherwise known as flat head syndrome. Babies that are diagnosed with this condition are compelled to wear a football helmet like medical device in order to help reform the soft plates in the back of the baby’s skull. Both of these recommendations regarding night time sleeping and tummy time are to the say least “not easy” or for that matter “realistic” suggestions.

Along comes the Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System with its highly breathable sleep surface. We are pleased to announce that our breathable sleep system has led to a new generation of babies that we affectionately refer to as “free range babies”. Like the name implies babies are free to roam by day or night and sleep and reside in their crib in whatever position they are most comfortable in. Our Breathe Easy Baby Sleep System absolves parents from constantly having to monitor their babies body position. Safe in the knowledge that no matter what position their babies are in they will be receiving an uninterrupted flow of oxygen.

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