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For the parent of a newborn, few accomplishments are as rewarding as getting your baby to sleep in their crib. The stillness, the silence, the hope for rest or even sleep. Nothing deflates that feeling faster than your little one rolling over onto their tummy. Suddenly every “Back Is Best” sleep poster from your pediatrician’s office comes to mind, you think of the horror stories you’ve read about SIDS, and you’re stuck in a rabbit hole of anxiety about your baby sleeping. It’s natural to worry or panic when your baby wants to naturally sleep on their tummy. You might want to flip baby over, which leads to sacrificing your own sleep to check in throughout the night.

Any baby sleeping on a traditional crib mattress will be safest sleeping on their back to help reduce the risk of SIDS. Unfortunately, getting your new baby to sleep on their back can be easier said than done. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ only suggestion to keep a baby sleeping on their back through the night is careful monitoring, but that can be tiring work. Modern technology has provided various health monitor to attach to your baby to alert you to any changes.

Or do better than monitoring for issues by preventing any issues from the beginning. Give your tummy sleeper the safest sleep environment possible: a breathable mattress system that allows both airflow and comfort

Our firm, breathable sleep surface allows for constant and uninterrupted air flow. Independent testing has shown that our system is 330 times more air permeable than a conventional mattress and dissipates Co2 away from baby at a rate 10 times faster. Having your new baby sleep on our Breathe Easy Baby Breathable Crib Mattress will guarantee everyone gets a night of worry free sleeping.

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