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A Simple Cleaning Process

In the early years of parenting, easy cleanup is critical. Babies spend a lot of time in their cribs (up to 17 hours a day!) and that means many opportunities for messy situations. Any baby product that allows for a simple cleaning process is a plus in our books!

Our Breathe Easy Baby crib mattress simplifies the cleaning process in a few ways:

  • Minor spills can be wiped away. The breathable nature of the sleep surface means minor spills are a breeze to clean; simply wipe with a damp rag and allow to air dry.
  • Quick removal for easy laundering. The sleep surface detaches from the base quickly and easily, so major messes are no issue either.
  • Easy-to-clean base catches leaked liquids. Liquids move through the porous material and collect on the base bottom rather than surrounding baby. The engineering-grade plastic is easy to clean with a damp rag or disinfectant.
  • Durable enough for any cleaning task. The medical-grade surface fabric stands up to a long life of laundering, and disinfectant products are no match for the non-corrosive base bottom.
  • Additional products to improve the process. Extra Sleep Surfaces can be purchased for use during laundering, making night-time washings easier. And further extend the lifetime of your sleep surfaces by using our Laundry and Storage Bags.


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