BEB Sleep System - Safety and Comfort

More Than Safety: Our Commitment to Comfort

Our product has now been tested by tens of thousands of little ones, and parents say that babies sleep better (and for longer) on Breathe Easy Baby.

We can’t point to one exact reason, but we have a few ideas why:

No pressure points: Our unique design cradles your baby without the pressure points of a conventional mattress.

Better airflow: Your baby won’t have to struggle for oxygen. With air permeability 330 times higher than a conventional mattress, it’s like your little one is sleeping on a bed of air.

Soft, quality material: Our sleep surface, made of medical-grade, 100% spun polyester spacer fabric, has struck the balance between durability and comfortability.

Moisture wicking: The porous nature of our material quickly moves moisture away from your little one – perfect for diaper leaks and toilet training. Babies stay dry and cleanup is simple.

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